One of the best amusement park of INDIA… Adlabs Imagica

One of the best amusement park of INDIA… Adlabs Imagica
Adlabs Imagica
is a 130-acre theme park situated in Khopoli, Maharastra India. It is owned by Adlabs Entertainment Ltd. The park has an estimated daily capacity of 15,000 visitors. the park has hosted over more than 3.5 million visitors till now.
They have three parks basically which are: Theme Park, Water Park and Snow Park.

They have different rides for different age groups. Few of their main rides are mentioned below :

Nitro: Nitro is a roller coaster, with a height of 132 feet and a track length of 2800 feet. Nitro travels 120 km per hour and visitors experience live force rating of 3.8 GS during 150 seconds of this ride.

Deep Space: This roller coaster ride is made inside a huge dome. The ride travels at 68.4 km/hour and reaches a maximum of 57 feet (17.5 meters).

Gold Rush: Gold Rush is a Coaster Ride. The coaster launches at an average speed of 65 km/h.

Dare 2 Drop: Dear 2 drop shoots, rises to gravity at 73kmph up to a height of 132 feet and falls below similar speed. It gives a sense of weightlessness to the riders for about a fraction of a second on this speed ride.

Scream machine: This ride runs on the rotating pendulum, which collects speed from the spinning first, and then slowly starts swinging. This machine rotates and goes at an angle of 120 degrees [11] and climbs to a height of 142 feet.

I For India: ‘Eye for India’ is an indoor ride on the 90-feet wide screen. The tour extends over 6182 miles, including 59 monuments.

Mr India: Mr India is a ride based on the 1987 Bollywood film“Mr.India, starring Anil Kapoor. The ride in itself imitates the experience of other rides in the park like the Scream Machine, D2, Nitro, Salimgarh, Alibaba, and Rajasauras. The ride is operated by a pneumatic system powered by compressed air.

Rajasaurus River Adventure: The ride begins with a voice-guided boat tour of various dinosaurs inside a vast enclosure that is styled with prehistoric elements.

Salimgarh: A slow-moving coaster navigates the visitors through the ride letting them experience the story of the fictitious town of Salimgarh through frightening visuals and scary sound effects.


They have few Restaurants at Imagica Theme Park too. which are 5 uniquely designed restaurants that offer a host of food options to the visitors.

Roberto’s Food Court: A purely vegetarian restaurant, it serves various cuisines ranging from Indian, Mexican, Italian to Pan-Asian. This restaurant also has a separate kitchen for Jain meals.

The Imagica Capital: A buffet exclusive restaurant serving Indian style food from states across India.
Red Bonnet: A restaurant styled as a classic All-American Diner, serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fast food. The place is renowned for its burgers and hot-dogs.

Armada: A ship-themed restaurant with a Spanish setting that overlooks a view of the lagoon. The Armada offers freshly made sandwiches & salads for a quick bite. Visitors can also enjoy coffee and chilled beverages.

Zeze Bar+Grill: A Bar and grill restaurant styled like an African tribal outpost, that serves food that is a fusion of African and Indian cuisine, like peri-peri chicken wings, paneer steak, spicy wraps and more.

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