Best places to visit in Alibag India

 Best places to visit in Alibag India.

Alibag is one of the towns where people are attracted by its peaceful environment and the refreshing sounds of sea waves.
It is a coastal town as well as the headquarters of the Raigad District which is located at the south side of Mumbai.
Many celebrities, businessmen eventually visit here for parties and all, some of them also have their property here, actors and businessman like Shah Rukh Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Ratan Tata, etc.
Best places to visit in Alibag India are listed below…


Story Behind The Name!

“Alibag” the name was given to it by locals here, the story here is like some years ago a large community of Bene Israel Jews used to live here, by that time they built a Synagogue named “Bet El Synagogue” in the Israel Lane area of the town.
At that time an Israelite named Ali used to live there, he used to have a big garden in the town consisting trees like mangoes and coconuts, because of the guy’s rich style he became the fame of the town back then.
So because of his lavish style and fame and not to forget his big garden the localities here used to call the place “Ali Chi Bagh” it is a Marathi sentence for Gardens Of Ali, hence the name Alibag was formed.


Places you would enjoy visiting…

  • Alibag Beach & Kolaba Fort(Sea Fort)Best places to visit in Alibag India.
    As the name defines it is the main beach of the town. It is mostly crowded at weekends and is a clean and black texture sand beach. This beach is also consisted of wi-fi service and is a place for people who would like a long walk on the beach.
    The beach also shows the beautiful sea fort named “Kolaba” which is not so far from the beach lets say it’s a walking distance from the beach that means we can actually go and visit them for only when there is no tides or much water at the shore. This fort is surrounded by sea and was built by Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj the great to fight against the naval army of siddhis of Janjira.
  • Varsoli BeachBest places to visit in Alibag India.
    It is a large naval base which was initially camped by the founder of alibag “Kanhoji Angre” not so far from the main beach. He fought against Siddi of Janjira and much more under the leadership of Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj the great. This white sand beach is normally the cleanest an less crowded than the main beach. People love to visit this place eventually.
  • Akshi BeachBest places to visit in Alibag India.
    The beach here is on the outskirts of alibag. This is quite a peaceful place because of the less crowd, people often visit here for the picnic and all. This place is a favourite spot for Film shoots also. Apart from all this, it is also a clean and enjoyable beach like the above ones.
  • MandwaBest places to visit in Alibag India.
    This place is well known for its ferry service which is from the Jetty to Mumbai. This is the place where most of the Bollywood celebrities have properties here. This place also became famous because of the movie Agneepath.
  • Nagaon Beach
    This place here is surely one of the beautiful beaches to visit. Locals and tourists mostly visit here for photo shoots because the beach is one of the beautiful among others as said before.
  • Kashid BeachBest places to visit in Alibag India.
    This beach is at 1 Hour distance from the main Alibag beach. If you want to visit a beautiful and cleanest beach of all then this is the place. This beach will be your most enjoyable one for sure, because one reason is you can find water sports to enjoy the splash of the sea and there are many cottages and resorts at the shore where you can live on your weekends or vacations by enjoying the view of the sea, especially the sunset.


More Attractions!

  • Kihim Beach
  • Korlai Beach

  • Khanderi & Underi Islands



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