Best Made in INDIA 20,000mAh Powerbanks in 2018

Best 20000mah Powerbanks. Nowadays, there are smartphones with more than 5000mAh battery that can power your device for up to two days. So, battery life is not a big issue on smartphones as it used to be a few years back. But what if you are out for three days and couldn’t find a power input? What if you are traveling and your phone discharged with no option to charge. The digital world always needs the power supply. So, the power bank acts as a lifesaver in these kinds of situations.

1. Mi 20000mAH Power Bank 2ibest 20000mah Powerbanks

20000mAh Mi power bank 2i is a high-capacity, dual USB output, Two-way fast charging the power bank. which is made out of High-density lithium polymer batteries.
Xiaomi extends its commitment to manufacturing the world’s best power banks in India. 20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i delivers on innovative design, excellent quality, and high output capacity.

Best Made in INDIA 20,000mAh Powerbankit supports single port Quick Charge 3.0.
The all-new 20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i is compatible with a wide range of devices and intelligently adjusts power output to match device’s requirement. When you charge 2 devices simultaneously, you can expect 5.1V/ 3.6A dual output. 20000mAh Mi power bank 2i also supports quick charge 3.0 when you are charging using a single port.

2. COOLNUT 20000mAh Power Bankbest 20000mah Powerbanks

This power bank comes with these good features, and it is purely made in INDIA 20000mah Powerbanksbest 20000mah Powerbanks
Ultra high capacity Huge 20000 mAh Capacity to charge your devices multiple times.
Style with Durability, quality silicon shell case.
finished on durable ABS+PC offers great elegance.
Anti-slip and perfect grip feel.
TWO USB OUTPUT PORTS: Charge devices at a time with a power output of 2.1A.
COOLNUT provides 1-year warranty cover on its products.

So overall both these power banks are very good and useful in every aspect so if you want to buy these then the Bestbuy links for these products are here:-

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