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Hey guys, My name is Chandra Bhan Singh.
I’m from Rajasthan And This is my Blog website, where I’m trying to share all my experiences and knowledge with you guys.
Basically, The techy Traveller is a YouTube Channel. And this is the official website of that Channel too.
On our YouTube Channel, you’ll get some interesting videos about travelling, technology and stuff relating that.
So please do check out our YouTube Channel once.
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We started this YouTube channel in early 2017, and now we have the family of 15k+ there.

We have chosen the name “The Techy Traveller” because our YouTube channel is totally focused on Travel and Technology.
And through this website, our mission is to promote our culture and beauty of our nation amongst the world and in different parts of own country through our videos and articles.
so I hope you guys will also support us doing that and motivate us to keep going towards our goals.

Apart from this, we also write some articles on technology. Which we think can be very useful in your daily life.
And in the near future, we also want to provide you with the facility to share your thoughts through our website. by writing and publishing your own articles.
for doing that you can drop a message on our any social networking handle,
All my social account links are available in the header and footer of this website.
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Apart from this, For Sponsorship or Advertising & other business related queries, you can contact me at this E-mail Address:
[email protected]

Thank you for visiting our website.